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Weight training under the open sky like at the"Muscle Beach" in Venice, California. This is now also possible in Austria! We at MMFitness now make exactly that possible.

Our new outdoor weight training solutions offer the possibility of a complete and progressive training like in a gym - but under the open sky. Of course, our outdoor weight training solutions can also be combined with our calisthenics equipment to create a training park that offers the ultimate training experience for everyone.

Are you looking for a unique training solution for the outdoor area of your gym , or do you want to offer a special fitness experience to the residents in your city/community?

We make it possible!



The outdoor training equipment from Street Barbell enables extensive training outdoors as well as in the gym. For this is a variety of fully equipped weight stations available, which differ in size and function.

Hydraulic machines as we know them have the big disadvantage that the resistance is always the same and there is no possibility to increase the intensity. As a result, no progressive increase in performance can be expected.

With the patented Street Barbell power stations it is possible, thanks to a theft-proof Plate-Load mechanism, to constantly increase the resistance and thus train progressively. This leads to more strength & muscle mass.

We are happy to assist you in the selection of equipment, whether for commercial purposes or for a public park with free access.


1. Training with Street Barbell outdoor exercise machines allow for a comprehensive workout just like in the gym.

2. The machines offer the possibility of progressive training, where the intensity (the weight) can be increased at will.

3. Due to the possibility of progressive training, these machines are equally suitable for beginners, as well as for advanced users.

4. Due to the wide range of different strength equipment it is possible to perform isolated strength training .

5. A sophisticated, closed plate-load system ensures that the weights of the machines are absolutely theft-proof and can thus also be set up in public, freely accessible places (parks).

6. The Street Barbell strength equipment can also be combined with our Calisthenics equipment to create a holistic fitness park.

6. Public fitness parks offer the possibility for everyone to work out and therefore have a preventive effect against crime.


All of our outdoor strength equipment is double coated and galvanized to protect it from weather & rust. The rails on which the weights are moved are made of stainless steel, as are the joints. Due to the extremely robust construction, the equipment is extremely low maintenance.


Sport has always had the power to connect people. People exchange ideas, share experiences and support each other. It fills us with pride that we have already been allowed to build a multitude of public fitness park facilities where young & old people of all backgrounds can meet to train and exchange ideas together.

We at MMFitness see much more in our outdoor fitness parks than just the possibility to improve athletically. Because the intergenerational togetherness as well as the social aspect, serve sustainably and for the benefit of the community.


Weight training + calisthenics
We also offer holistic fitness parks

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As a pioneer on the Austrian market, we at MMFitness are specialized in planning and assembling your desired fitness park .
Years of know-how, first-hand experience and the right partners make it possible for us to competently implement your outdoor fitness project.

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