We plan, design and build the highest quality calisthenics parks in Austria.Are you ready for the ultimate sports experience?Our hand-forged Street Workout Parks from "RVL13" convince with highest quality as well as functionality.
RVL13 Calisthenics Parks are among the best Calisthenics parks in Europe due to their extraordinary high quality workmanship. You want to offer your customers a superlative sports experience, or simply transform your private garden into a spectacular outdoor fitness park?Then you have come to the right place.



Calisthenics - a term with many nicknames. Also known as Street Workout, Body Weight Exercise, or tension exercises, calisthenic training is the archetype of performance enhancement.
The term calisthenics is derived from the Greek, kalos meaning "beautiful" and sthenos meaning "strength".

Streetworkout as well as Freeletics are a form of calisthenic training and use almost exclusively their own body weight. Basic exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, squats and dips are part of the standard repertoire.

Whether beginner or professional - calisthenics offers everyone an exciting sports experience.


1. Training with your own body weight is demonstrably more gentle on the joints than those with free weights or machines.
2. Calisthenics has the advantage that no complicated exercises on machines have to be learned in order to shape your dream body.
3. In this type of training, different muscle groups are addressed, which are trained only incidentally in a workout with free weights.
4. As with everyday fitness equipment, thanks to Calisthenics, any desired workout goal can be achieved with the right training method.
5. Calisthenics connects generations because it offers a variety of possibilities.

All our calisthenics parks are double coated - First, all individual parts are galvanized to protect them from rust. Subsequently, the fitness parks are powder coated with Komaxit, which gives the parks its scratch resistance and again serves as corrosion protection. In one word - maintenance free!
Since 2011, the WSWCF - World Federation Street Workout & Calisthenics - organizes annual world championships, in which athletes from all over the world demonstrate their strength and skills. Limits are meant to be broken! Become a part of a constantly growing family and achieve all your fitness dreams with the help of our fitness parks adapted to your wishes!


We also offer customized street workout solutions

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Are you looking for a completely individually planned Calisthenics Park solution tailored to your needs?

As a pioneer on the Austrian market, we at MMFitness are specialized in planning and assembling your Street Workout or Calisthenics Fitness Park.
Years of know-how, first-hand experience and the right partners make it possible for us to competently implement your Street Workout project.

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The only thing for you to do is to choose your desired colors from our wide range of colors - we will do the rest.
All our calisthenics & fitness parks are TÜV certified and comply with all applicable EU standards.
Do not hesitate and send us a non-binding inquiry regarding your desired Street Workout Fitnesspark!
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Thanks to our mobile calisthenics parks it is possible to train anywhere and anytime.
The mobile parks are not static and can be set up very easily at any location using "Plug & Play".

These are ideal for events, functions and sporting events of all kinds.

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