Take care of your employees' well-being - it's worth it!

Vital and motivated employees are of utmost importance for every company.

The employees form the basis and are therefore the most important basic prerequisite for the sustainable success and competitiveness of a success-oriented company.
Countless forward-looking companies have already recognized the great advantages of "company fitness" or the promotion of the health of their employees and have therefore systematically incorporated it into their operational management, and for good reason!

Studies have shown that regular muscle training is excellent for the prevention and treatment of so-called diseases of civilization.

Did you know?

... that sick leave costs Austrian companies millions every year? And the trend is rising.

Particularly alarming is the fact that although young employees up to the age of 20 are sick more often than employees over the age of 45, the number of sick days increases sharply with age.

This is mainly due to the severity of the illnesses. Mental illnesses now lead the way with an average of 38 days of absence per case of illness, followed by cardiovascular and musculoskeletal disorders with around 30 days.

However, according to current knowledge, many of these illnesses are preventable.

Corporate fitness

Your guarantee for a successful corporate fitness project!

We at MMFitness are the only company in Austria to offer an all-encompassing range of services for the implementation of a qualitative and sustainable company fitness concept.

We are happy to take over the complete planning of your company fitness room, starting with competent consulting and ending with the procurement of the right fitness equipment.

The corporate fitness equipment we offer is studio-licensed and meets the highest quality criteria. Furthermore, our fitness equipment impresses with first-class functionality and an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Our company fitness services at a glance:
Corporate fitness consulting


Competent & free consultation

Company fitness planning

Planning & conceptual design

Planning & Concept Creation

Company fitness fitness equipment

High quality fitness equipment

Fitness equipment delivery

Company fitness service


Assembly & After Sales Support

Satisfied corporate fitness customers
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